EXIT POINT. A term common to adventure sports, it also describes the metaphorical point at which one might take a monumental “leap of faith” in life.

Meet Bill Heaner.

World traveler, adventure athlete, and health guru, Bill chooses to live in a world where everything is possible, and age is only a number. His passion is to inspire us to ‘exit’

the ordinary and “point” us to the extraordinary. Whet her BASE jumping in Moa b, pa paragliding in Monterey, or free-soloing in Yosemite, Bill introduces us to an eclectic and

fascinating group of friends – both old and new – via high-octane adventure, compelling conversation, and savory food. From off-grid bus conversions to mysterious abandoned

places, Bill invites us to exit the couch and explore the ultimate “alternative lifestyle”. Inspiring and elevating, Exit Point always reminds us that:


You’re never too old – or young – to discover something new…


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